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We’ve all seen those amazing videos shown by nonprofits highlighting the good they do in the world. We also realize the power of Video in engaging with donors and partners. But video is not cheap! A typical production runs:

  • Camera Operators: $400-650/day
  • DP: $650-800/day
  • Sound: $400-650/day
  • Editors: $1750-4250/week
  • Story Producers: $1650 – 3K/week
  • Senior Producers: $1750-2500/week

So a week shoot to get enough footage for a 5 minute video can run $15,000-$30,000

Most non-profits need the exposure that Video gives them, but don’t have the funds to pay for one.

In order to make it affordable for nonprofits to get quality video work done, we train our videographers in all aspects of video production, so they are a one man show! That saves on crew costs.

Our fixed price model also makes it easy for our partners to know exactly how much their video will cost. Here is how our grant works.

  1. Our basic normal fixed cost for video production is $1,500 per finished minute. So if your video is 10 minutes, the retail cost would be $15,000. However, if your organization qualified for our video production grant, Impactix will cover up to 80% of that cost, so instead of $15,000, a 10 minute video would only cost $3,000! Making it much more affordable!
  2. It’s important to remember that to keep costs down, we require partners that get the grant to cover the travel and accommodation costs of our videographer while filming at your location.

That’s it! Simple huh.  To apply for our grant, please fill the form below

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