My good friend Jordan McAuley has leterally written the book on leveraging celebrities for a cause. I’m going to dedicate a few blog posts to this topic, because of it’s power to transform your nonprofit overnight. First we’ll dive into the ‘why’ of attaching your nonprofit to celebrity endorsers. Then once you’re sold on that, we’ll focus on the ‘how’.

In his book, “Celebrity Leverage”, he gives five main reasons why you need to “celebrity-ize” your organization. From Jordan’s excellent book:

1) Using celebrities adds instant credibility. The customer or potential donor, consciously or unconsciously believes “If a celebrity is affiliated with this organization, it must be good because they can get whatever they want.” You can then leverage that association to raise funds.

2) Using celebrities gets people to pay attention. That’s why infomercials and commercials use celebrities all the time. They can amke the viewer stop flipping channels if he or she notices a major celebrity in a commercial. This is also why the big charities constantly elicit celebrities to endorse their cause. The rest of us can use this tactic as well (I’ll show you how in a later post).

3) Using celebrities builds trust. It’s true: people trust celebrities they like and admire. By associating with a celebrity that has a high ‘likeability’ quotient, your organization will benefit from that trust. After all, people rason, “This celebrity could choose to endorse any nonprofit, but they’ve chosen this one. It must be trustworthy or they wouldn’t attach their name to it.”

4) Using celebrities often leads to increased media exposure. The media knows people pay attention to celebrities, so they are more likely to feature your nonprofit if it’s tied to a celebrity name.

5) It’s fun! We all know that running a nonprofit has it’s good and bad days. Hitching your wagon to a celebrity ads a new level of fun for you, your employees/volunteers and your donors.

In my next posts, we’ll dive in to how you can get celebrities involved with your nonprofit. It’s easier than you think!