Profits from the sale of this book will go toward providing project grants to help other non profits

Perhaps the most famous cooking book of all time is Julia Child’s “The Joy of Cooking”. Maybe you’ve seen the movie “Julie and Juliet” which illustrates this story. What is fascination about Julia Child — and how it relates to you — is that it was the first cook book that wasn’t a book. It was a step-by-step manual!

Finally, everyone who aspired to great cooking had an actual manual of instructions that worked!

So what the heck does a cooking manual have to do with you and this book??

In the spirit of Julia Child, ours is an instruction manual, not a book. It’s your step-by-step manual for Nonprofit Success. The only one of it’s kind. We looked everywhere for something like this, and it just doesn’t exist. Until now. We’ve written it to show you exactly what to do, and how.

It’s short by design. Direct and actionable steps — one-by-one, in logical sequence. Do step 1, then move to step 2 and on until the end. It’s a 30 day action plan. That’s all it takes to create:

1) A perpetual fundraising machine where money comes in on auto-pilot
2) Buy-in from lots of people sold on your cause — including celebrities — helping you grow.
3) A well-funded organization that is able to do more good (after all, isn’t that the whole point?)

We’re going to take care of #1 and #2. You’ll then take care of #3.

Let’s be honest: you wouldn’t have picked this manual if you had all the money and exposure you need, would you? You’d like to raise more money, consistently and on auto-pilot, but you don’t know how. You’d like to have a well funded organization that is able to do more good (who wouldn’t?). And you want buy in from people who can help you.

Period. End of story.

Are you ready to get started? Lets go!


We’re excited to have such amazing talent line up to contribute as Insider Experts for our upcoming book! Here’s a list of who has committed so far (in alphabetical order, by last name):

Max Van Arsdall — Nonprofit Expert — with — Max is going to give insider tips to show people how to follow their passion by starting a nonprofit organization.

Alex Carroll — Radio Publicity Expert — — When it comes to getting free publicity on the radio, Alex is THE definitive expert! He explains his no-nonsense approach to give Nonprofits the leverage they need to get their story out there.

Megan Hill — Grant Writing Expert — — Megan has an extensive track record in helping organizations find and qualify for grants, gaining big money for their organizations. She’s going to share where to find the best grants, and how to apply and win!

Dan Janal — Publicity and Book Publishing Expert — — Dan is going to show Nonprofits how to quickly and easily write their story in book form, get published and leverage that into big time publicity and donations

Phil Johncock — Nonprofit Expert — — Phil has an incredible background working with Nonprofits, and will share his expertise in the start-up process, including applying for and winning in the grant game.

Jordan McAuley — Celebrity Influence Expert — author of several books, including “Celebrity Leverage”. and — Jordan will be explaining how Nonprofits can benefit from attaching their cause to a celebrity, and how to do that.

Joan Stewart — Expert Publicist — — Joan has an amazing track record of helping people get publicity. She’s going to share expert advice on how a Nonprofit can get free publicity in newspapers and magazines.

Jason Sant and Alan Silva — Google Adwords Experts — Co-Founders of — authors of “Insider Secrets: How to Get Celebrity Powered Publicity, Big Time Grants and Unlimited Donations — Jason and Alan founded, a non-profit organization, with the express purpose of helping Nonprofits increase donations and expand the impact of their cause. They specialize in set-up and management of the Google Advertising Grant for Nonprofits.

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