We all say to ourselves, if only others could see the tremendous good we are doing, then we would more volunteers, more donations and more partnerships! The problem is that advertising is expensive and often not covered in either grants or available budgets! Most of end up relying on organic searches or whatever our SEO efforts bring (who has time for SEO anyway!) That is where The Google Ad grant program comes to the rescue.This is a little used, yet very powerful tool that can help your nonprofit to drive new supporters, gain volunteers and donors to your cause each and every month.

if only others could see the tremendous good we are doing, then we would more volunteers, more donations and more partnerships!….www.FeedTheWorld.org

With $10,000/month in ad credits, you can:

  • Connect and reconnect with supporters
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Create new sponsor relationships
  • Build email lists
  • Increase donations & fundraising
  • Sign up newsletter subscribers
  • Promote events and sell tickets
  • Raise awareness

Direct Relief International provides medical aid to the victims of disaster and poverty. The Santa Barbara-based organization began using Google Ad Grants back in 2003, and saw immediate benefits from the effort. With the help of the Google Grant, Direct Relief International was able to implement a series of paid search and retargeting ads that ultimately contributed to a 40% year-over-year increase in dollars donated in December.

So why doesn’t every non profit use this?

Only nonprofits in some countries can apply. Please check HERE to see if your country allows it:

It’s not enough to get the grant. You organization has to know how to use it or else they will lose the grant. Your organization will need to know:

  • CPC
  • Bounce rates
  • Quality scores
  • How to keep 5% CTR
  • How to create effective campaigns

Most nonprofits don’t know how to do that. That is where our Google Ads Maintenance grant comes in.

We help you create and run your Google ads program in a cost effective way. Our normal rate is $300/month to help run your ads, however, if your organization qualifies, Impactix will cover up to 70% of that cost for up to 6 months. So instead of $300/month, you only pay $90/month to be able to leverage $10,000 in google ads credits! You can apply for the grant yourself, or we can help apply for it on behalf of your organization (for an additional cost). Fill out the form on the right to see if your organization qualifies for this grant.

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