In working with clients to become compliant with the recent changes to the Google Ad Grant program, we’ve found a few important points that I’d like to pass on.

Come March 1st, Ad Grant accounts that are not achieving a 5% click through rate are subject to being suspended by Google. Many clients have expressed concern about meeting this requirement. Indeed, a 5% CTR is difficult without broadening the target keywords.

We’re experimenting with switching some clients to the AdWords Express account. This is the account that is managed by Google. There’s been much speculation about losing the custom account if a client switches to AdWords Express. But we’ve learned that we can keep both the customized AdWords AND Adwords Express accounts when we make the switch. Google has confirmed this policy in writing.

If you’re not hitting the 5% CTR target, you just have to pause your Adwords campaigns. It’s pretty easy to re-create them in Adwords Express. We’re doing this for our clients free of charge.

You can create your own Express account here:

If you’re interested in having it done for you, feel free to reach out to us.

We’re here to help you succeed.