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Your website is your door to the world. It’s your office to the world. It’s how the world perceived who you are, how organized your non profit is and how likely you are to be around or be worth supporting. It is critical that your website be:

Effective: You want to make sure that your website clearly shows your mission. That is shows your impact. People need to be able to see your site and know who are helping and how well you are doing it! We can help you do that.

Simple: Overly complex sites tend to look cluttered and inefficient. If you have ever watched the TV show ‘hoarders’ you can see that a house full of junk is not fun to be in. The same goes for your website!

Here are some samples of sites we have worked on so you can see the difference.

If you need some help to make sure your website shines and paints the best picture of what you do, we can help you achieve that.

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