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Welcome to the Learning Center. Here you can find guides on many topics of interest to Nonprofits.

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Making Money and Spending it Wisely

How to Get $10,000 a Month in FREE Advertising

Are you new to the Google Ad Grant program? Here's a quick primer and instructions to get started: Google Ad Grants is part of the Google for Nonprofits program. It provides an advertising grant of up to $10,000 per month for qualified non-profit organizations. The grant can be used to drive traffic, increase awareness and raise donations for your cause. To qualify you [...]

Leveraging Celebrities to Boost Donations

My good friend Jordan McAuley has leterally written the book on leveraging celebrities for a cause. I'm going to dedicate a few blog posts to this topic, because of it's power to transform your nonprofit overnight. First we'll dive into the 'why' of attaching your nonprofit to celebrity endorsers. Then once you're sold on that, we'll focus on the 'how'. In his book, [...]

Don’t Miss the New Ad Grant Deadline

In working with clients to become compliant with the recent changes to the Google Ad Grant program, we've found a few important points that I'd like to pass on. Come March 1st, Ad Grant accounts that are not achieving a 5% click through rate are subject to being suspended by Google. Many clients have expressed concern about meeting this requirement. Indeed, a 5% [...]