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Welcome to the Impactix online grant application and than you for considering us as a prospective partner in your work.

What types of projects does Impactix fund?

Running a non profit is not easy or cheap. Most of us spend so much time and resources with our mission that we have very little of both to spend on the rest of our organization. Impactix offers Non Cash Project Grants to nonprofits, geared toward helping to cover most of the cost of the services that Impaxtic can offer non profits, including grants to help cover the cost of:

  • Creating or updating the organizations’ website
  • Creating impactful videos to showcase the nonprofit’s work (Travel costs to your location are not included in grant)
  • Effective adwords campaigns
  • Application for advertising grants to help the organization have the ability to spread its message (for 501c3) US based nonprofits
  • Branding help (logo design, infographics, business cards, stationary, etc

Should I apply?

Before you apply, we encourage you to review the information above to see if your project aligns with our programming strategies.

What should I expect?

As you might expect, we receive more requests year than we are able to fund, which means that you should take special care to provide as much detail as possible in your application for funding consideration.

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